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2017 Submissions

1 2 + Trance Song
Hard Sterdam Techno Song
Nicolas Cruz - Cocha Runa (MRSN remix) Techno Song
Mamouth (hardcore kick demo) Techno Song
Trbc Techno Song
Migraine (psy rawstyle?) Techno Song
Fest (Hardstyle) Techno Song
Reatra Trance Song
Eye Techno Song
Pernay Techno Song
Wild terror Techno Song
Bois le duc Techno Song
Le conteur (210bpm) Techno Song
Reflect Indie Song

2016 Submissions

Midimiai Chipstep Song
Prix nobel Techno Song
Aryth General Rock Song
Léviter New Wave Song
Tourner (190bpm) Techno Song
HB (170bpm) Techno Song
Core & Bass (180bpm) Techno Song
Opti Matin Ska Loop
Mécanismes (Hardcore indus) Techno Song
Champignon tomate Ambient Song
Miroir General Rock Song
In the Goa of the Mountain King Trance Song
Bayern des samma mia (trance) Trance Song
Goa requiem Trance Song
Submarine Ambient Song
Gøa - FCWL Trance Song
Accept Trance Song
The pan Trance Song
Electro ménagé House Song
Flash (230bpm) Techno Song
De Montana (220bpm) Techno Song
Deaf (230 bpm) Techno Song
Learn House Song
Voices (220bpm) Techno Song
Ragga Psy Tek (190bpm) Techno Song
CosmLost Ambient Song
The conquest of the Sidechain House Song
New world city Industrial Song
Dead cycle Ambient Song
Bassic Industrial Song
Rage (200bpm) Techno Song
I'm addicted - Carte blanche Industrial Song
Decimaaaa (200bpm) Techno Song
Paske Toulon (200bpm) Techno Song
Monty Python (200bpm) Techno Song
11 52 Industrial Song
Paca (intro) Ambient Song
Atlantique Ambient Song
Rootjazz Jazz Song
Tarantino General Rock Song
Le code Indie Song
Le crunch General Rock Song
Set me on fire (chill) Ambient Song
Chill axolot Ambient Song
BaseD Indie Song
Le temps Indie Song
Trentième heure Indie Song
Juice can't get orange demo Dubstep Song
Le toit Industrial Song
The old chameleon Fusion Song
Last soul man demo Le pub Blues Song
Pyromaniac dub General Rock Song
Simone TD General Rock Song
Corsaire Le Pub General Rock Song
Medieval dub General Rock Song
Desert road Beast beat Heavy Metal Song
Leda RR Solo Instrument Song
New cycle RR General Rock Song
Twelve men OSB Hip Hop - Modern Song
Ocean dubass General Rock Song
Hypno prog Indie Song
Nuit blanche Le Pub Indie Song
End Le Pub Pop Song
Sunrise Le Pub Classical Song
Road to future Industrial Song
Trap (beast beat) Industrial Song
Shade of summer New Wave Song
Le pub Blues Song
Medieval rock Blues Song
BeastBeat polyrhythm demo Industrial Song
Temptation Neo-classical Industrial Song
The old ship Classical Song